Printing & Decorating

EXAL offers an extensive portfolio of printing and decorating options, giving marketers extensive flexibility and latitude in creating distinctive bottles and containers. Specific printing techniques can be utilized for short-run promotional packaging for added visual and marketing impact.

Dry Offset Printing
Dry offset printing delivers exceptional quality and color reproduction at less cost than traditional offset printing. With the capability of up to 11 colors, it is the perfect printing process for sophisticated brand graphics. In dry offset printing, a special plate prints directly onto the blanket of an offset press, and the blanket then offsets the image directly onto the container. The process is referred to as dry offset because the printing plate is not dampened with water. EXAL pushes the limits of dry offset printing with the development of high definition printing technology. We utilize this technology on all production lines throughout the organization.

Spot Varnish
Elevate your package graphics with the addition of a spot vanish. EXAL applies the spot varnish to specific elements of the design—a logo or promotional message for example—which elevates the visual appeal of the highlighted area.

Inline Print Control
EXAL understands the importance of brand graphics; we’re committed to precision color reproduction so brand graphics are consistent on every bottle and container. We employ sophisticated inline print control systems to ensure graphics are in register and spot and process colors are correct every time. Built into our presses, our inline print control system maximizes quality and productivity.

Embossing adds another dimension to package design and consumers’ experience with a brand. Use embossing to emphasis a logo or other graphics, including promotional messages. Embossing can also be used for identification/coding purposes. EXAL is a world leader in the manufacturing of embossed aluminum containers. We have manufactured more embossed containers than any other manufacturer in the world.

Click here to see a gallery showcasing examples of EXAL’s printing and embossing capabilities.