Process Innovation

The world doesn’t stand still. Nor is it satisfied with the status quo. Faster, better, cheaper, cleaner are constant expectations.

EXAL welcomes opportunities to produce better packaging, print more brilliant graphics, enhance sustainability, and be more efficient. This is why we are committed to process innovation. Our process innovation efforts focus on three areas:

  • Continuous Improvement of existing processes
  • Introduction of new processes to create new products and markets 
  • Introduction of new processes to improve manufacturing excellence

Manufacturing Innovation
Companies want lighter weight aluminum containers without compromising visual impact or packaging performance. Coil-to-Can (C2C) is EXAL’s proprietary technology for manufacturing lightweight, high impact aluminum containers. In 2008, we launched our first C2C line. Our C2C container manufacturing technology features all of the aesthetic benefits (shape and decoration) of impact extruded aluminum aerosol containers and cost benefit of less aluminum combined with faster running speeds. Customers throughout North and South America now utilize C2C technology.