Other than color, shape is the most distinctive feature of a package, and can be used to create a unique brand image and establish a visual and emotional bond with customers. That’s why EXAL excels in shaped aluminum packaging; we give you every opportunity to create a distinctive bottle or container for your product.

Open Market Shapes/Designs
Bring a product to market quickly and affordably with EXAL’s designs. We take great pride in our ability to offer proven designs that allow marketers to differentiate products in an economical manner.

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Custom Shapes and Designs
Define your brand with a custom shaped package. EXAL designs and manufactures custom shaped aluminum containers and bottles for marketers looking to create a unique brand image. 

EXAL has worked with global marketers to deliver customized iconic bottles and containers around the world. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on new product launches or re-branding projects, employing the latest design software to accelerate the development process.

Full Body Shaping
Full body shaping allows for a bottle or container to be shaped down to within about 20 mm from the bottom of the container. EXAL has produced more full body shaped containers than any other manufacturer in the world.

Choose from EXAL’s portfolio of full body shaped container designs that are available without tooling costs. In addition, we have designed award-winning custom full body shaped containers. Let us design one for you.