Pharmaceutical is a growing market for EXAL's impact extruded aerosol containers, piston cans, Coil to Can (C2C), and aluminum bottles. Dispensing characteristics of the aerosol package offer distinct opportunities for various pharmaceutical aerosol product applications, including sun care, topical creams, lotions and ointments, contraceptive foams, saline solutions, antiseptics, and other products.

EXAL has many years of experience with pharmaceutical aerosol applications, and has the appropriate process and the procedural capabilities to meet industry requirements. Aerosol containers are hermetically sealed and feature tamper resistance and tamper evidence features. 

Our broad range of shaped containers and vibrant printing and decorating options allow marketers to create a distinctive brand image that adds value in the eyes of consumers.
When global and regional pharmaceutical marketers look to market their products in high-impact aluminum containers, EXAL is the supplier of choice. 

EXAL offers post manufacturing can washing to meet food production guidelines and requirements.