When you need a new way to break through to consumers, Exal can be a valuable strategic partner. Our team of innovators embraces challenges; we pride ourselves on a sterling reputation for developing cost-effective solutions with and for our customers.

Packaging Firsts

Exal has a decades-long history of creating “the next big thing” in aluminum packaging. From our aluminum beverage bottle to our full body shaping to our impressive graphics and inks, Exal has been a driving force behind some of the industry's biggest successes.

Production Breakthroughs

In addition, we developed Coil-to-Can (C2C), a proprietary technology that combines the shape and decoration possibilities of impact extruded aluminum aerosol containers with the cost benefit of less aluminum and faster running speeds.

We're currently working on a new alloy specifically for impact extruded containers, made from 25% recycled content. If successful, it will reduce container weight (and cost) while adding strength.

We also have digital printing capability that allows for quick turnarounds, making it possible to customize aluminum bottles for very specific events and smaller run sizes.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We continually reinvest in new technology for our manufacturing equipment and plants. In Argentina, our new slug facility is the most modern, low-cost and sustainable slug plant in the world. It is also the only facility in the region that fully integrates aerosol manufacturing, bottle-making and filling.

Process Reinvention

As part of our never-ending quest for improvement, we continually review and evaluate our manufacturing process. Our scrutiny has led to new processes that both enhance manufacturing excellence and help create new products and markets.

Exal doesn't shy away from a challenge; we partner with clients to innovate.


Our partnership with Dove continues today, as we consistently bring them packaging ideas to help their products stand out to consumers.


CAGR for the aluminum aerosol market


As aluminum replaces tinplate in the aerosol market, it's driving the growth.


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See Case Study

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