Impact Extruded Containers

EXAL manufactures a variety of open market (stock) and custom containers and bottles in a multitude of shapes using reverse impact extrusion. Impact extrusion is a process by which metal products are made from a soft metal-aluminum, lead or tin-slug. A container cylinder is formed inside a confining die from the cold slug by a single stroke application of force through a punch causing the metal to flow around the punch. The punch is attached to a hydraulic press generating forces up to 250 psi.

Impact extrusion lines for rigid aluminum can manufacturing are complex, incorporating many manufacturing processes into a single continuous production line that transforms an aluminum slug into a dynamic, decorated, finished aluminum container.

Impact extruded container line processes include:

  • Tumbling the slugs for lubrication of the external surface of the slug 
  • Impact extrusion of aluminum slug 
  • Trimming of the extruded cylinder (container or bottle)
  • Cleaning and brushing the cylinder surface 
  • Washing and drying of brushed cylinder
  • Internal spray coating, which is then cured in an oven
  • Application of basecoat, which is then cured in an oven
  • Application of dry offset printing, which is then cured in an oven
  • Application of over varnish, then cured in an oven
  • Necking or shaping of the container
  • Outserting of injection molded bottle threads (beverage products only)
  • Post washing of container (beverage, food and some pharmaceutical products)
  • Packaging of finished containers: aerosols (bundle/pack), beverage and food (bulk palletize)

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