Lining Materials

Exal Corporation strives to provide the best and most updated materials to their customers and would like to inform about the new internal linings available for testing as possible alternatives to Polyamide imides (PAM) and Epoxy Phenolics.

There is a growing concern that both of the aforementioned linings may be phased out in the future. The status of the PAM and Epoxy Phenolic linings are definitely under scrutiny. The PAM lining is under scrutiny because of the inclusion of NMP in the formula. The Epoxy Phenolic is under scrutiny for the trace amount of BPA in the formulation.

Although these coatings are still available, many suppliers of these internal coatings are now offering alternatives. There are many new MPE's (Modified Polyesters) as well as BPA NI (non intent) internal coatings available and there have been positive results shown on initial testing for all of these products.

All formulations are different and must be thoroughly tested for compatibilty and stability.

EXAL has a portfolio of lining materials to protect products inside our containers from direct contact with raw aluminum. These coatings are designed to protect flavor, product performance and shelf life. Our portfolio includes:

  • Epoxy Phenolic
  • Polyamide Imide (PAM)
  • Modified Polyester (MPE) – an alternative to PAM
  • BPA NI (non-intent)

Products have different barriers requirements. 

We are happy to discuss with you the different lining materials available to help you in deciding what will work best for your product.

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