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Customizable for aerosols, beverages and food.

Transform “standard” aluminum packaging into exceptional marketing tools. Exal uses state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, including dynamic graphics, shaped bodies and a stronger, more sustainable alloy, to create both open market (stock) and custom bottles.


With C2C's full-body shaping capability, you have endless options for your aluminum container. Add in the higher run speeds, formed thread capability and 360˚ dry offset printing, and it's no wonder it's becoming a favorite for marketers across industries. Exal pioneered C2C in 2001, and our technology allows us to produce lightweight aluminum bottles made from 50-60% post-consumer recycled aluminum content; the internal liners are 100% BPA-free.


Ideal for food products like frostings, processed cheese and other flowables.

Customize your aluminum packaging with Exal's piston cans. With diameters of 50, 53 and 55, as well as various lengths, we can create an aluminum can or bottle specifically for your desired fill size, and our innovative graphics help you stand out. In addition, our exacting construction standards allow for smooth dispensing.


Designed for no- or low-carbonated drinks.

Upgrade your beverage with our resealable aluminum bottle. The custom neck finish and closure allow consumers to twist the top on and off, and the design can be applied to many different bottle shapes and sizes. With no mixed materials, it is easy to recycle. This consumer favorite is a perfect solution for energy or juice drinks.


A great solution for food, liquids, lotions, gels, creams and ointments.

Exal creates the aluminum packaging, customizing it through a variety of diameters and lengths. We then partner with a bag supplier, delivering a complete packaging solution. Our team creates bag-on-valve containers that provide even, controlled spraying and can achieve up to 100% product dispensing for consumer satisfaction.


Exal's lining materials protect the flavor, performance and shelf life of the products inside our containers. All formulations are different and must be thoroughly tested for compatibility and stability. We work with epoxy phenolic, polyamide imide (PAM), modified polyester (MPE) and BPA NI (non-intent), depending on the product's barrier requirements.


Our packaging facility in Argentina, Exal Packaging, can formulate and fill liquids, gels and powders in bottles, tubes, jars, sachets and aerosol containers. We are the largest independent third-party manufacturer of aerosols in Latin America. Our blue chip customer base includes all global and regional marketers with third-party manufacturing needs in Latin America.


Simplify your process by tapping into Exal's specialized services, including distribution and logistics requirements, package design and redesign, lightweighting to meet sustainability objectives, bulk palletizing and dome reforming. If you have any special requirements, bring them to us so we can identify the best solution.

Every Exal aluminum container begins with a conversation to determine the brand's goals. From there, we create a sustainable package that can be uniquely customized.

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