We take a worldview on every package that we make.

EXAL is a leading producer of aerosol containers and beverage bottles made using coil based manufacturing technologies in aluminum and tin plated steel. In Latin America, EXAL is the largest third-party manufacturer of aerosol products.  

At EXAL, we take a worldview on every package that we make, supporting the principles of sustainability. This includes cradle-to-cradle ideals requiring all material outputs to be reused, recycled or composted. We believe packaging components can be integrated into a sustainable system that generates economic prosperity and benefits the environment. To that end, we are committed to creating packaging and packaged products that minimize the impact on the environment while meeting the requirements of marketers, consumers and suppliers.

EXAL strives to create packaging that is lighter in weight, recyclable and that contains post-consumer recycled material. Our goal is to create the lightest, most energy-efficient packaging possible while maintaining all functional and safety requirements as defined by our customers or required by legal entities.

Lighter packaging reduces the relative weight of shipped components and products, lowering the amount of fossil fuel consumed per shipment. Lighter weight packaging ultimately reduces the amount of transport related carbon dioxide emissions to the benefit of society and the environment.

EXAL’s Coil-to-Can (C2C) technology sets the standard for sustainable, environmentally advanced aluminum packaging. Learn More

EXAL’s new slug plant in Argentina, slated to begin production in the first quarter of 2014, will be the most modern, most environmentally stable slug plant in the world and include:

  • Molten aluminum delivered directly to the casting operation, resulting in a 50% energy savings over competitors’ energy use to melt aluminum ingot.
  • CO2 emissions reduction of an estimated 6.4 tons per year.
  • New ovens with regenerative burners that reduce natural gas consumption by 30%.
  • By co-locating with a large aluminum smelter, freight cost will be dramatically reduced due to eliminating a 15-hour drive.
  • EXAL to use existing and proprietary allows to enable light-weighting of Unilever products, a reduction of 476 tons of aluminum.
  • Green energy sources support sustainable packaging.
  • One mile from shipping port supports cost effective exports.