As consumers look for environmentally friendly products, brands continue to rethink both their packaging and their environmental footprint. Exal's aluminum containers appeal to companies demanding sustainable practices to help differentiate themselves.

Aluminum: The Most Sustainable Container

Aluminum can be infinitely recycled without a loss of quality. In fact, 75% of the aluminum that has ever been produced is still in use. Consumers recycle aluminum containers at a high rate, giving aluminum a 20+ point recycling rate advantage over glass and plastic.

Most recovered rigid aluminum packaging is used to manufacture new packaging, making aluminum packaging a closed-loop recycled material. Aluminum containers like Exal's typically contain 70% recycled content, which is substantially more than competing package types like glass and plastic. In addition, recovering aluminum for recycling decreases energy consumption.

Saving More Than Money

Lighter packaging, like Exal's aluminum bottles, reduces relative shipping weight, lowering the amount of fossil fuel consumed per shipment—and, ultimately, the amount of transport-related carbon dioxide emissions.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to create the lightest, most energy-efficient packaging possible while maintaining all functional and safety requirements. We're committed to a cradle-to-cradle philosophy that requires us to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover our packaging.

Aluminum cans contain more than 3X the recycled content of glass or plastic bottles.

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